October 14, 2017

2-3 ?  

Boy, Cordell Patterson’s game-icing touchdown against the Jets in week 2 seems like ages ago.  Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong for the silver-and-black.  In week 6, the Chargers come to town and Carr may be back under center, but lets look at how t...

October 8, 2017


They’re 4-0, they’re dynamic: they have to win the the title this year.  Many fan bases know what it’s like to lose in the playoffs.  The Chiefs have had several big-time teams and hall-of-fame players, but with that being said they have always found a way to bl...

September 26, 2017

The SI story was written in 2014 by Ben Reiter

Just in time

Justin Verlander is special. We know that.  The Houston Astro’s did what they had to do to bring him in and he has not disappointed. Verlander has given up 5 hits in three starts. He, along with Dallas Keuchel,...

September 24, 2017

Jets to Redskins 

The Ohh Face 

The Raiders almost got there.  They came close to scoring 50 points on the Jets, but were five points short.  The Raiders were able to flex their muscle against the New York Jets, however; the offensive balance was on display as the Raider...

September 17, 2017

Chiefs at Pats 

To begin, the Champs’ defense looks like chumps.  The Chiefs did a great job staying out 3rd-and-long by picking four to five yards per carry with short passes and running the ball with rookie Kareem Hunt.  The Chiefs broke their short passing tendency b...

September 13, 2017

Dwayne Douglas Picks -2-1

Raiders over Titans -1.5 Win

Rams over Colts - 3.5 Win 

Falcons over Bears -7 Loss

Mike Rolando Picks 2-1

Rams over Colts - 3.5 Win

Cardinals over Lions + 3.5 Loss

Panters over 49ers -4 Win

September 10, 2017

Dwayne Douglas Picks 

Raiders over Titans -1.5

Rams over Colts - 3.5 

Falcons over Bears -7

Mike Rolando Picks 

Rams over Colts - 3.5 

Cardinals over Lions + 3.5

Panters over 49ers -4

August 23, 2017

         Whenever a Los Angles sports team becomes good their opponents start that famous chant Beat LA, Beat LA.  As a the Dodgers rip through the MLB schedule this seasons lets take a look at the teams that could do what nobody has been able to do this year...

August 14, 2017

Tennis Anyone?

     The US Open Series gives tennis players the opportunity to get the kinks out before the final grand slam of the year the US Open in New York.  The Connecticut Open was held in New Haven, CT and the fans were treated to great tennis, great food, a gre...

August 13, 2017

Football is Back !

The USC Trojans are Back in a Big Way

The LA Colisem will be rocking this fall. Great plays will be made on offensive and defensive.  The fans will pack the stadium for a team that the could win the whole thing. 

I'm not talking about the Rams...

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