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March 20, 2017

Calm Down with the Pats. 

Yes, they are good and they did make some solid moves.  But is Kory Ealy that much better than Jabaal Sheard?  Is Brandin Cooks better than the Pats landing Randy Moss?  Is Stephon Gilmore really a huge up grade?  I have Pats fans coming up to...

Everyone has already written off the Cavs as the Eastern Conference favorite to meet whoever (Warriors) to come out of the Western Conference. In the regular season the Cavs are currently 2-1 vs the Celtics. As many say the regular season does not matter but others wou...

February 28, 2017

Cousins Heads To The Big Easy!

Many wonder what would go through a GM’s head when giving away one of their most valuable players. Others would wonder if you trade one of your valuable players shouldn’t you get something of equal or greater value in return? Those questio...

February 28, 2017

Why he is the man for the job ? or Why he may not be the best coach for the Raiders Future.

       Mark Davis was right, for now.  Two long years ago his struggling franchise was at a crossroads.  A young team coming off of another dismal season (3-13) led by...

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