NBA: What’s a Player’s value?

Cousins Heads To The Big Easy!

Many wonder what would go through a GM’s head when giving away one of their most valuable players. Others would wonder if you trade one of your valuable players shouldn’t you get something of equal or greater value in return? Those questions are still trying to be uncover from GM Vlade Divac.

The Kings traded Cousins and Omri Casspi to New Orleans for Evans, Buddy Hield, Langston Galloway and 1st/2nd rounds draft picks this summer. In my eyes this trade should not have gone down. There have been many speculations that GM Divac has had personal issues with Cousins with his off the court comments to reporters and technical fouls. Evans is returning to his original stomping grounds where he was loved as a guard/ swing forward, but this does not make them a championship contending team. Divac is on record saying Buddy has Stephen Curry potential and is a great addition to a building team.

What does this mean for the newly formed front court in NOLA? They get two of the best young big men in the league, who are 1 and 2 in RPG and the 2 pair in NBA history to have two players average 20+PPG and 10+RPG. To have both Kentucky big men in the front court could spark up a challenge for some teams in the Western Conference, but I don’t believe it’s enough to go 5 to 6 games with the Warriors.

Howie’s Thought

We have grown to love the association over the years, I must say this is one of the biggest upset deals and trades we have seen in many years. Opinion of a player should not dictate if they should be a part of your team. Majority of your fans that attend came to see what show Cousins would put on for the crowd. Win, Lose or Overtime they went insane for Cousins and he poured his heart out into every game. If you get a chance, watch the video of his last night in Sacramento and hear what he says. Then watch the video of how he had to say final goodbyes to his teammates. As John Wall said “If he (Cousins) feels you have his back no matter. He will go to war with you and stand by you and never let anyone or anything harm you. That’s just the player he is”. Safe to say Cousins was going to War for a man who he believes had his back.


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