Lebron’s Krypton”IT”e?

Everyone has already written off the Cavs as the Eastern Conference favorite to meet whoever (Warriors) to come out of the Western Conference. In the regular season the Cavs are currently 2-1 vs the Celtics. As many say the regular season does not matter but others would beg to differ. History shows that in some cases when it comes to final spots and trying to establish either the true 1-4 seed or that last 8th spot; the last 2 games mean the most. Cleveland stands at 42-20 in first place of the East but the Celtics are 41-24 with just 2.5 games behind. With 17 games remaining for the Celtics and just 20 games for the Cavs, in the words of KG “Anything is possible. What makes the Celtics a huge threat to the Cavs is “Mr. 4th Quarter” Isaiah Thomas. He literally has been unstoppable in the 2nd half of the season since All-star break. In the last meeting against the Cavs, he stopped “Uncle Drew” Kyrie Irving. Although Irving finished with 28 points, Isaiah still propel himself to a strong 31 point and shooting 50%. Giving credit to this young Celtics team isn’t enough because they have worked hard to show that the Raptors are not the only team that can come out the East.

Howie’s Thought

In all honesty, I love what the Celtics have become since the departure of Rondo, KG and Pierce. I didn’t believe they would be able to make it around to rebuild in such a short time with a young Head Coach Brad Stevens. He has turned this Celtic team in to what I would consider a strong power house in the East to contend vs Lebron and the Cavs. Others have been losing focus on another team who has a great starting 5 and bench that could also give the Cavs a scare or even upset them. This team would be John Wall and the Washington Wizards. If you haven’t been watching them, you should. They are 2 games behind the Celtics for the 2 seed and last time they faced the Cavs, OT was the only help that assisted the Cavs in walking away with the Win. Do I believe either team can go a 7-game series with the Cavs? No, but what I do believe is that if they could get 1 or even 2 in Cleveland I believe that would be enough to shake up the East. Everyone knows Lebron will be going “Zero Dark 30” in a few weeks for the playoffs and when he does that he is another freak of nature. This is be an interesting playoffs, starting with what could be our first and possibly last playoff matchup of Wade and Co. Vs Lebron and Co.

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