Notes from NFL Free Agency Thus Far

Calm Down with the Pats.

Yes, they are good and they did make some solid moves. But is Kory Ealy that much better than Jabaal Sheard? Is Brandin Cooks better than the Pats landing Randy Moss? Is Stephon Gilmore really a huge up grade? I have Pats fans coming up to me telling me how great Dwayne Allen is. Let’s not get overhyped about every move this team makes. Yes, you can count on them to be 12-4 or 13-3 because they are well run and play in an embarrassing division. So remember that before you add Rex Burkhead to you fantasy team.

Tom Coughlin the recruiter

Tom Coughlin is the Executive Vice President of Football Operations for the Jacksonville Jaguars. The two time Patriot beater has been a big part of the team trading for Branden Albert, and the signing A.J. Bouye, Barry Church, and Calais Campbell. The Jags played well at the end of the season under then interim coach Doug Marrone. Maybe the toughness of Marrone and Coughlin will make the Jags a contender in a horrible division. The Jags are the most talented team in the AFC South (yes I know the Texans play in that division). Let’s just see if Blake Bortles will make his mark during he this no excuse year.

Browns and Texans

The Browns have so many picks, it seems illegal. Hue Jackson and Sasha Brown are joined at the hip at some point the Browns needs to “build a bully” in the words of coach Jackson. If your rebuilding you want as many picks as you can get. But this year is critical to the turn around efforts of the Cleveland Browns. Is Romo coming or is he going? The Texans and Browns pulled off a huge trade sending Brock Osweiler to Browns for draft picks. Houston is clearing out salary cap room for what they hope can turn into Cowboys QB Tony Romo. It’s still not clear if the often injured QB is going to get released or traded. The Texans have shown that they are a player away It’s just tough when that player is a QB.

Bucs on the Rise

They’ve played teams tough. Been in every game. In the 2017 season they want to take the next step. Part of this is giving all pro Wide out Micheal Evans some help. Enter DeSean Jackson the ex-eagle ex-redskin WR can still get deep. Which should help Jameis Winston get more clean looks in the pocket. Look for Tampa to look at RB in the draft Christian McCaffrey or Leonard Fournette.

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