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April 6, 2017




Celtics ain’t ready 


ESPN and the Boston Celtics built up last nights game as a battle for first place in the Eastern Conference.  Lebron James and company came into Boston and showed the C’s how far they have to go before they can challenge the champs.  Kyrie Irving, and James went by Boston like they were standing still.  While the Brad Stevens and Isaiah Thomas is a nice story they need to add a player who can score in the post.  I know the NBA is three point happy but you need some post play, and someone to block shots if you want to unseed the Cavs in the east.  Boston has neither the Cavs lived in the paint all night in a blowout win.  


Seahawks talking trade






Sometimes in life its just time to move on.  The Seahawks seem to be in that place with cornerback Richard Sherman.  The often opinionated Sherman may have wore out his welcome in Seattle.  GM John Schneider is fielding calls and keeping Sherman in the know about where trade talks are going.  The interesting thing about this is they don’t have a player to replace with Sherman can do on the roster.  The best spots for Sherman would be the Patriots, Raiders, and Bucs stay tuned.  


Beast Mode feeling the Autumn Wind


Marshawn Lynch was in the Raiders Offices yesterday telling the Raiders that he would un-retire and play for only one team The Oakland Raiders.  First Reported by the Pat McAfee Show, Lynch would come out of retirement to play for the Raiders and only the Raiders.  Head Coach Jack Del Rio has to sign off on it but signs are pointing in the right direction look for Lynch to be wearing Charles Woodson’s old jersey.  


Baseball is Back 


Major League Baseball is back and Indians have picked up where they lefted off last year.  

SS Franciso Lindor my pick for AL MVP has the tribe off to the a 3-0 start including a grand slam vs the Rangers.  While Mark Melancon blew a save in a Giants loss to the D-backs in his team debut.  Chris Sale was dominate for the Redsox in his debut.  





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