Is Race still an issue for Bean Town?

Adam Jones had quite a run as the centerfield for team USA as America won the World Baseball Classic. The Orioles slugger was forced to witness the other side of America. While in playing center in Fenway Park fans were heckling him. Which is fine fans giving the opposing team the business is nothing new. But when those jeers contain the N-word and other racial epithet you have gone to far. The Boston Red Sox has apologized to Jones and the Orioles for the incident. Fair or not Boston has had the rep for being the racist sports town. Red Sox must do more ejecting 30 fans for racist comments and throwing peanuts at a African American player. This is as close to a hate crime as u can get, if you were at work would you have a job if you did this. The answer is no plus lets publish the names of these people so we can shame them the same way they tried to shame Adam Jones for just coming to work and doing his job.

Green was the first

Black Player for

the Boston Red Sox.

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