ESPN is Dead

We will talk about ESPN is Dead and won’t be back. Hundreds of layoffs and classic shows being canceled lets take a look at how ESPN got here.

Things have changed for the World Wide Leader once the Titan in the industry

ESPN has fallen and they won’t get up. They were cute they were funny but should a news information be making commercials with its subjects. Don’t you lose some of your integrity if you do so. Presidential Candidates don’t make ads with networks. Donald Trump didn't make ads with Fox News. So when some of the biggest names in sports begin to make ads with ESPN how can you look at them as a news organization. Whether it was Arnold Palmer, Steph Curry, or Lebron James ESPN became more like an MTV of Sports. ESPN went for access over being the leader in sports news. ESPN also went through a long period of just straight thievery. ESPN would report breaking news as their own. Often reporting big trades and other sports news with out giving credit to the reporter and the sports news organizations that had it first. ESPN has corrected it but the damage is done on that.

All of the four majors sports have networks of the their own. NBA TV, NFL Network, NHL TV, and MLB Network can cater to fans with having to jump from sport to sport. If the Redskins make a big trade fans will tune into NFL Network. Those network will spend the time and go in-depth with out having to cut to golf or women's basketball. The simulcast of the NFL Draft a was also a major blow. Mel Kiper jr. and ESPN has made the NFL draft into ratings bonanza for the NFL. In its infancy ESPN just wanted an alliance with a major sport. We grew up with NFL games on ESPN but that wasn’t always the case. The NFL Draft helped ESPN get one of their most prize possession NFL games which has turned into Monday Night Football. Not to mention what it did for the careers of Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay.

Kerry Washington could easily had a season of scandal in Bristol Ct at the mother ship. Espn on air talent to often could keep their hands to themselves. Something we have seen hurt the careers of Fox News Titans Roger Ailles and Bill O'reilly. The worst could have been Steve Phillips who was great on air but had an affair with a 22 year espn employee ending 19 years of marriage. So whether it was Chris Berman or Mike Tirico sex scandals, those can be an issue when your owned by the Disney Corporation.

ESPN enter the First Take era originally called Cold Pizza the show reached it’s height with Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless. If you missed it here are the daily topics NBA meaning Lebron James, Tim Tebow and the Dallas Cowboys and racism in sports. Bayless and Smith would start with a hand shake then go into hot take after hot take. The sports version of the Odd Couple did get eye balls no doubt. But the topics and the quote unquote Hot Takes got tired after awhile. Skip Bayless has since gone onto Fox Sports 1 and has been replaced by Max Kellerman. Who’s claimed to fame is boxing a sport nobody cares about.

Nielsen announced its subscriber numbers for November 2016 and those numbers were the worst in the history of ESPN's existence as a cable company -- the worldwide leader in sports lost 621,000 cable subscribers. That's the most subscribers ESPN has ever lost in a month according to Nielsen estimates and it represents a terrifying and troubling trend for the company, an acceleration of subscriber loss that represents a doubling of the average losses over the past couple of years, when ESPN has been losing in the neighborhood of 300,000 subscribers a month.

These 621,000 lost subscribers in the past month alone lead to a drop in revenue of over $52 million and continue the alarming subscriber decline at ESPN. Couple these subscriber declines with a 24% drop in Monday Night Football ratings this fall, the crown jewel of ESPN programming, and it's fair to call October of 2016 the worst month in ESPN's history. But this isn't just a story about ESPN, the rapid decline in cable subscribers is hitting every channel, sports and otherwise. It just impacts ESPN the most because ESPN costs every cable and satellite subscriber roughly $7 a month, over triple the next most expensive cable channel.

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