The NBA Logo Returns to LA

For the great Jerry West the man that is immortalized as the logo of the NBA, the staff at Put on Waivers would like to send one message to you. To do so I would like to quote the 90’s RnB group En Vogue and their hit song Hold on “don’t waste your time”. Just like Phife Dog I too had a crush on Dawn from EnVogue. Jerry West is like a traveling turn around king fixing teams everywhere he goes. Failing corporations should hire him as well. Maybe then Sears could make a comeback. His latest trip to Golden State resulting in two championships in three years. West was a key member of the team that helped recruit Kevin Durant to Golden State. He also put his foot down when the Klay Thomson for Kevin Love rumors were hot and heavy.

West who wasn’t the General Manager but a high paid and respected consultant threatened to leave if that deal was made according to sources. So West who needs to be around misery and then wants to resurrect it to greatness, has gone to another basketball dumpster fire in L.A. with the Clippers. The Clippers like the Mets, Jets, are the other team in town.

They have been the Lakers little brother for a long time. They have shown flashes but never really taken the city over. When (the dictator) I mean NBA Commissioner David Stern stopped the trade of Chris Paul to the Lakers he later signed with the Clippers. Suddenly the other team in LA caught fire and with Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and D’Andre Jordan the Lakers town turned to Lob City, named after all the alley hoop dunks Paul would throw up in the air for his teammates. They even beat the mighty Spurs in the playoffs. But just like generation K Mets (Bill Pulsipher, Jason Isringhausen, Paul Wilson) & Mets Avengers (Matt Harvey The Dark Knight, Noah Syndergaard Thor), or the Jets Mangenuis the name for Eric Mangini former head coach of the Jets. Just like the Mets and Jets it was a flash in the pan not the long term success they hoped for. So why will it be different with Jerry West back in LA with the clippers? Quick answer, it won’t,Chris Paul now 32, is on the back end of his career and looking for a max deal with a no trade clause. Blake Griffin is injury prone and on his way out. D’Andre Jordan is a one dimensional player who struggles to score unless its an alley hoop. Since West loves to take over miserable situations he check that box with the Clippers. Helping turn them into a winner? Well, that box with continue to be empty. The big city second teams just don't win ever. Something always goes wrong. So Jerry “Don't waste your time”.

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