All Hail Super Team?

This years NBA playoffs were about how fast can the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers get to the NBA Finals. Everyone was excited when the Pacers came close to winning a game, but then that was shut down because The King, Uncle Drew and friends were not going to let those Warriors outshine them. It came to the point everyone thought the number 1 seed Celtics were about to lose to the Bulls until Rondo went down and the C’s came back to win the series. The C’s almost lost to a dangerous Wizards team, which claimed if they met the Cavs in the ECF they would have beat them. It sounds good on paper, but if you couldn’t beat the number 1 seed you were not going to stand a chance against the Defending Champions.

Now we focus to the West where the Trail Blazers had no chance and the Jazz thought the same thing vs. the Might Warriors. The one team that had the greatest chance was Pop and those Spurs. The Spurs were on fire in Game one of the series. Then of course Mr. Injury anyone in sight even his own teammate Zaza Pachulia of the Warriors took down Lebron stopper Kawhi Leonard. It was horrible to see him go down when they were up on the SuperTeam by 20+ points. Once he went down, there goes another sweep, and they say the East is the easiest.

Here is the NBA Finals as we all predicted. Warriors vs Cavs “The trilogy”. It’s a great name and something that has never been done before and everyone was calling 4-0 Warriors. I was hoping for a Game 7, with the game tied and 3 minutes left. What did we get? KD avg. 33+ points, The King average a Triple Double and Warriors are now the new NBA Champions. Was not as exciting as it was last year, but we all knew the outcome already.

If there is anything this NBA season taught is winning isn’t everything, adding MVPs and leading scorers from your team will help you win. This NBA season has prepared everyone for what the next 5-10 years will be like for offseason moves. Durant has taken the super team idea that Lebron had in 2010 and made it bigger. Not only did he join a 73 win team. He joined another back to back MVP. The Warriors were so good they won 26 of the 27 games that KD missed because of injury. He took his talents to Cali and made turned great to elite. That’s the NBA Finals for you. Truly we learned that if you can’t beat them then you should join them. Everyone may criticize what KD did and say he a sell out, he joined a powerhouse, he didn’t earn his ring, etc. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is the ring he has won. “Well Lebron did it so why can’t KD?, Lebron started the super team era so why can’t KD continue it?” Here is some clear history facts, Lebron did not create the first what we call “SuperTeam” The C’s had there big three KG, Ray and Pierce. Before them it was the Lakers with Kobe, Payton, Shaq and Malone. All Lebron did was follow the formula and KD did the same. “SuperTeams” are the new trend and the new DNA of NBA championships.

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