Law & Order Version of P.O.W.

We try to avoid the legal side of sports but we just can’t so here we go folks. OJ will be free, not going there I can’t deal with the Juice. TMZ Sports can cover this way better than we can so you can go there for that.

Can the Cowboys Ownership get running back Ezekiel Elliott to play nice in his free time. While at Ohio State, many sources were whispering about him enjoying the night life. These days you get an alert on you phone all the time with things Elliott has done or allegedly done. So whether it’s pulling down a women's top in New Orleans or getting pulled over at 100 mph. Elliott could be in line for an suspension by the NFL so keep your iPhone notifications on to see if the NFL rushing leader for 2016 will get popped by the league.

Another Ohio State Buckeye is in trouble or is he? Oakland Raiders first round pick Gareon Conley has a pending sexual assault hanging over his head. In April, two days before the NFL Draft, Conley was accused of sexual assault. There were reports that the Ohio Police had video evidence contradicting the victims claim. No word on why this is investigation is taking so long. No word on whether or no they have new evidence. Every NFL team has a security department that has former CIA, FBI, and Police to do background checks on free agents and future draft picks. After the Draft Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie said that he expects Conley to be cleared. That was in April and training camp has just started so what’s next? The Police should give a judgement asap. For the alleged victim and her family, Conley and his family, and for justice as a whole. He either did it or he didn’t so lets get to work.

Ole Miss Head Coach Hugh Freeze hasn’t won enough to keep his job. He also made that late night call also known as a booty call. Coach Freeze called an escort service that combined with 35-29 in the almighty SEC has lead to his firing. If you're Bill Belichick or Nick Saban you can survive pretty much anything. But when your Hugh Freeze and you coach in the SEC you can’t do anything but win big. When you get caught calling an escort service that will be the final straw. Freeze will surface again sex scandal hasn't stopped the careers of coaches or ESPN broadcasters. So when Hugh gets his next job if he’s up late looking at film. He will have to freeze before making that call or maybe do something revolutionary like call his wife.

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