MLB 2017 Trade deadline frenzy

LA LA Land

The Dodgers just went all in for the World Series. Ace Lefty Clayton Kershaw is nursing a back injury for the second straight season. The Dodgers called the Texas Rangers and were able to acquire starting pitcher Yu Darvish. Darvish is one of the best pitchers in the game and will be able to break up the string of left handed starters in LA. Making 2017 a World Series Win or bust for the Dodgers.

Bronx Bombers round out the rotation

You know how you repeat something over and over again thinking it will comes true. Well I will repeat this over and over again. Yankee GM Brian Cashman is a hall of fame General Manager. What he has done over the last two years has set the pinstripes up for the next decade. They will even have money left over to offer huge contracts to either Bryce Harper and Manny Machado or both in 2018. First getting Jaime Garcia from the Twins was the first move. Gracia 30, is crafty left handed starter who has a 67-52 record on his career. Left handed hitters will have a tougher time using the short right field porch when he’s on the mound. Then the Yankees went to Major League Baseball's from system not Trenton, Tampa, or Scranton. No we are talking about the Money Ball Boys from the bay. You know the joke of a General Manager that Brad Pitt played in a movie. Good old Billy Beane if you need a good player at the deadline good old billy will trade you his best for pennies on the dollar. Billy have you check out the cost of living in the bay area your a big market team. The A’s trade Sonny Gray to the Yankees and don’t even get Clint Frasier or Glayber Torres in return. Hollywood made a movie about the wrong Bay Area General Manager. Or next time they can just have someone play Brian Cashman. Maybe Steve Carrell is available the whole movie could start in Scranton that would work.

3rd is the word

The Red Sox get a little boost from Eduardo Nunez. He’s already added offensive and defensive help. The Red Sox was having a hard time recovering from the whole Pablo Sandoval mess. While Panda was fat Nunez has NFL defensive back type speed and should love hitting balls off of the Green Monster. Nunez is Hitting .417 with two homers in 4 games with Boston. The Bosox also bolstered the bullpen with mets reliever Addison Reed.

The League Most Dangerous Team

MLB’s more dangerous team might not be the Astro’s, Dodgers or the Yankees. It could be a team with a championship pettigree. Anybody noticing the surge of the Kansas City Royals. They are on fire and they are leading the AL Wild Card and right behind the The Tribe for first place in the AL Central. This will most likely be the last go round for this team because of free agency so the 2015 World Series Champs are here again and yes they are a threat to win it all. Trading for Melky Carbera was also a smart move by the Royals who already have a great line up.

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