Football is back !!!

Football is Back !

The USC Trojans are Back in a Big Way

The LA Colisem will be rocking this fall. Great plays will be made on offensive and defensive. The fans will pack the stadium for a team that the could win the whole thing.

I'm not talking about the Rams I'm talking about the USC Trojans. The men of Troy will return to the main stage of college football this year in a big way. The Trojans have what the Clemson Tigers had last year. They have bunch of talented players who will be taken all over the NFL Draft in 2018. But they have the one thing you need to beat Bama. A no doubt front line NFL first round passing QB under center. Sam Darnold has all the tools you want in a QB he has been to compared to Ben Big and should have USC in the title and Heisman trophy hunt. Through the years Nick Saban's team has struggled against team that can sling it around the yard and the trojans can do that all day and night.

Jay is Back

The Dolphins Head Coach Adam Gasse has been put in a tough spot a talent roster, a playoff team and an early injury to starting QB Ryan Tannehill. So he brought in a QB from the broadcasting booth Jay Cutler. Jay Cutler reminds me of another Jay, Jay Schroeder the former Raider, and Redskin QB with all the ability in the world but always fell apart under pressure.

As much I can’t stand Jay Cutler this moves makes sense. Cutler had his best year of his career running a Adam Gasse offense who does a great job tailoring his offense to suit whoever the QB is. With Kenny Stills, Devante Parker, Jarvis Landry and Jay Ajayi the Dolphins should be able move the football. Miami also has a tougher schedule than last year so we will see how Cutler plays in this situation. The good thing for Gasse’s crew is that they have plenty of practice time plus the preseason to get Cutler ready for the home opener vs. the Baltimore Ravens.

The NFL Getting It Right

After re-watching the Ray Rice video I had to remind myself of how much Roger Goodell screwed that one up. Ray Rice hit his wife her so hard her body left the ground and he got an embrassing suspension or lack there of. With that in mind the NFL really took their time and never had a misstep when it came to the Ezekiel Elliott’s domestic violence situation.

The league had some leaks over several months that Elliot would get suspended. But this week it finally came down 6 games to start the 2017 season. When Elliot was drafted out of Ohio State Cowboy fans heard all the rumors about Zeke before the draft and they hoped he would straighten out after getting drafted. That wasn't the case Elliot continued to be in the news for all the wrong reasons during the offseason. Adding to the Cowboys problems that have huge issues on defense. Losing the most number of snaps of any team in the league for a defense that wasn’t that good a group in the first place. Owner, GM, Jerry Jones could find his team going from first to worst, how about dem cowboys. Elliot will appeal but it’s important for the League to stand firm and make sure they make this stand. If you put your hands on a women once that’s one time too many.

Rams adding pieces

If your going to Draft a QB first overall you must do two things. One Protect him so he doesn’t get killed in the process of learning the position at the NFL level. The Rams did that in the off-season adding Andrew Whitworth Left Tackle from the Bengals.

Whitworth is an all pro tackle who should be able to hold down an Offensive line that has to deal with a bunch of pass rushers from the NFC West. Next you find him weapons the Rams already had Todd Gurley and Tavon Austin. But GM Les Snead realized they needed more adding wide outs Robert Woods and trading a second pick and cornerback EJ Gaines for the speedy Bills receiver Sammy Watkins. Jared Goff is only in year two but with the play of Eagles QB Carson Wentz taken right behind Goff playing so well in philly the heat is on for Goff to perform at a high level in 2017. The owner and the GM can walk into the QB room and say hey kid you have weapons let’s see what you got. The Rams also have a solid defensive unit so if they can get solid QB play they could challenge for a wild card.

Fantasy Note

Running backs are always among the first taken in fantasy drafts so if your looking for one who will be a bell cow runner. Look no further than Jacksonville’s Leonard Fournette who is poised to have a huge season. The Jags have QB issues with Blake Bortles so look for this offense to really do what ever it can to get the rookie back out of LSU going early and often. A running back can be a QB’s best friend so look for Fournette to be the BFF for Bortles who still is having troubles finding his way in the NFL.

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