Week one NFL

Chiefs at Pats

To begin, the Champs’ defense looks like chumps. The Chiefs did a great job staying out 3rd-and-long by picking four to five yards per carry with short passes and running the ball with rookie Kareem Hunt. The Chiefs broke their short passing tendency by pushing the ball down the field. Connecting on deep passes with Tyreek Hill, and Kareem Hunt. The Silver-and-Black have the personnel to do the same to the Pats; New England had a terrible time stopping the run, and never got a pass rush on Chiefs QB Alex Smith who threw for 300 hundred yards. The Raiders’ rivals from Kansas City didn't just look good, they looked dominant in the game; they really beat up the Pats in the second half and racked up over 500 yards of offense in the process. Looking at the Chiefs’ schedule, they may get off to a fast start and could be undefeated when they go into Oakland in mid-October. But let’s slow down just a little before we make the Chiefs the champs. They may have won the game — but lost the war, as they are waiting to hear from the team doctors about superstar safety Eric Berry; it’s feared that Berry may have an ACL injury. Hunt and Hill give the Chiefs speed options that you have to take into account on every play, so the Oakland scouting department will have to work overtime to figure ways to stop them. But one thing is clear: the Chiefs and Alex Smith may have shed that dink-and-dunk label this season.

Giants at Cowboys

The Cowboys’ defense got a boost from a healthy Sean Lee & rookie Jaylon Smith, holding the

Giants to only 49 yards in the first half. The boys also gave up only 3 points to the Giants, who haven’t scored over twenty points in their last six games. The Giants have ability but looked out of sorts, as the G-men couldn’t figure out the Cowboys’ D — the young Cowboys really shined in the this one. Dak was able to move the ball against a tough Giants Defense and the Elliot was just Elliot. Ezekiel Elliot was versatile, running outside-inside and catching balls out of the back field as well. The boys will travel to Denver next week as they wait to see what happens with the suspension of their star running back.

Eagles at Redskins

Fly Eagles, Fly!! If you missed the highlight of the year, please check out Carson Wentz’s touchdown pass to Nelson Aguilar — it was amazing! Wentz's style of play and big throwing arm seems to be a perfect fit for Doug Peterson’s offense in the Philly-at-the-Eagles win a divisional road game vs the Redskins. The win poses as an interesting game for Philly to start the the season — they already beat the Redskins, now they play at Kansas City and home against the Giants. The Kansas City game will be a battle of teacher-vs-pupil; Doug Peterson worked under Andy Reid for years in Kansas City. Should be a great game — for the Redskins — but what do you do? Maybe you just consider trading Kirk Cousins if the season continues to slide in this direction; at least you would get something for him. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Raiders at Titans

Mambo Italiano !! Raiders kicker Giorgio Tavecchio was great. Please visit www.raiderstoday.com. For more on this game.

Colts at Rams

Greatest show on Surf. Maybe that’s a little much, but this isn’t college football; you score forty, you turn heads! The Colts are a mess with or without the Andrew Luck — they need to give him a sabbatical, then spend the off-season recruiting David Shaw to be the next head coach of the Colts; he says, “you know you need to get the best Head Coach on the market.” Then, Draft offensive lineman in the first 4 picks of the NFL draft. Not protecting your QB is like driving without car insurance, or getting honey without a bee suit. Don’t waste his entire career — the division still stinks and its not too late to turn the Colts around. As for the Rams, game two of the season is huge for the development of their team. The Redskins are an okay team, but they are trending down. It would be great for Coach McVay and QB Jared Goff to go 2-0 to get some juice in LA.

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