Jets to Redskins

The Ohh Face

The Raiders almost got there. They came close to scoring 50 points on the Jets, but were five points short. The Raiders were able to flex their muscle against the New York Jets, however; the offensive balance was on display as the Raiders passed for 3 touchdowns and rushed for 3 more, resulting in a total destruction of the the New York Jets. The Raiders are currently the highest-scoring team in the National Football League; they are the most complete offensive unit this side of the Mississippi River. Maybe their right-tackle is a weak spot — but don’t tell that to Marshall Newhouse, who is filling in all the blanks in that spot.


I see the formula the Raiders will use with this defense to win this season: win the coin toss, get ahead, and blitz the hell out of them. Very few teams in the league this side of the Atlanta Falcons can score on the Raiders. So play it like the Colts did: let the QB and the offense get a lead and then let your pass-rusher eat. The Colts used Mathis and Freeney, the Raiders can do the same with Irvin and Mack. Gareon Conley has some long arms, which helps the six-foot corner deal with taller, longer, wide receivers. The Jets tested the rookie a couple times, but had no success dealing with the rookie out of Ohio State. It’s like someone put long arms on an ‘Eric Allen’ prototype. The Raiders’ secondary has gone from ‘major issue’ to ‘major strength’. With TJ Carrie in the slot, Amerson and Conley outside, the Raiders look like they may have playmakers back there. Sean Smith can play against tight ends and Karl Joesph is doing a great job blitzing and playing coverage.


Kirk Cousins has struggled so far this season. But last week the Redskins didn't need him to pass because the run game picked up the pace; they rushed for 229 yards in a road win vs the Rams. Oakland’s defense needs to make sure they get off the field or they will be on out there for a long time, getting pounded by the Redskins. In Sunday Night Football you want to get out to a fast start; look for Del Rio to take the ball and not defer — trying to get his offense going and not watching the opponent try and slow-play the Raiders with a ball control offense. The fog from management in DC, and lack of direction, could be not only the end for QB Kirk Cousins but also for Head Coach Jay Gruden this season. Daniel Synder has been a major question mark as an owner, so we will have to see what happens at the end of the season.

The Redskins are struggling to pass and create a team identity on either side of the football.

After an offseason with questions, the Raiders have come out guns-a-blazing; I expect that to continue in another road-win for “Black Jack” Del Rio. Week four will be amazing: undefeated Raiders vs. undefeated Broncos.


Raiders 30 Redskins 20

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