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The 2017 World Series has been great so far. The Baseball version of the Cavs and Warriors continued last night and just when it looked like we were headed to Houston with the series 2-0 Dodgers. Marwin Gonzalez hits a bomb off of the un hittable Kensely Jensen to lead off the ninth. Then both teams went into a home run derby in extra innings with the Astro’s winning 7-6. This is a big moment in the series the Astro’s have struggled on the road in the playoffs so going home 1-1 was critical.

Astro’s going forward Houston is slowing but surely starting to look like the team who lead the league in hitting and homers. In the Yankees series the Houston did have a problem and looked shook out of their shoes in front of a hostile crowd in the Bronx. The Dodgers had the Astro’s on the ropes and down for the count in game two and lead by their stars Houston came back hard for an epic win. To make that win stand they must win game three at home. Put some doubt into the Dodgers and that great bullpen. Yu Darvish is familiar with Houston from his days with the Rangers. Darvish has pitched well vs the talented Astro Roster. Jose Altuve has the highest batting average vs. Darvish and its only .219. Lance Mcullers Jr. has been a saving grace for the Astro's starting rotation. Giving them a strong option as a starter and in relief. Mcullers Jr. and the Astro's need to keep the pressure on the Dodgers. Winning game three would do just that. Especially if they beat the L.A. bullpen again. The best thing about the Astro's win in game 2 of the world series is that Mr. 860 has finally made his presents felt in the playoffs. George Springer the former Uconn standout has struggled all playoffs and he came back in a big way. If Springer continues to drive the baseball the other way and not pull the outside pitches he will hit well the rest of the series. The Astro's have one goal to not go back to L.A. which is unlikely that they would swept the three games in Houston. So if they can just go back to L.A. up 3-2 I'm sure AJ Hinch would take that. Dodgers going forward

The Pitching match up in game 2 is in the Dodgers favor. So they need to take advantage of it. Darvish has great numbers on vs the Astro's and L.A. needs that to continue. A game 3 win by L.A. would be a sabilizer for them. When a team gets on a roll in a short series things could collapse quickly, not to mention that it would force the series back to Dodger Stadium immediately. If Houston comes and wins game 3 the longer that's in doubt the more Dave Roberts will have to worry about his team. The bullpen had a hiccup in game 2 it's vital for them to get back on track ASAP to ensure Dodger success. The Dodgers have changed they were a team who would rely on starters going deep. Now just like everyone else in baseball they go right to the bullpen at the first sign of trouble. So like a running back fumbling his first carry its important for them to have a short term memory from game 2.

Cody Bellinger has struggled no doubt but he like Springer can turn a series around with just one swing. Minute Maid Park in Houston plays like Fenway so the big left handed bat could turn it around any moment. The Outcome Astros 4, Dodgers 2

I pick the Astro's in Six so I'm gonna stick to it. I think the win 2 out of 3 in Houston and close it out in Dodger Stadium. This series so close it's crazy MLB has a great series on it's hands lets just hope the nation responds and watches it.

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