NFL Trade Deadline

November 2, 2017


Usually the NFL has nothing going on during the trade deadline.  But this year was much, much different.  Let’s take a look at the deals at the deadline.


Eagles acquire Jay Ajayi from Dolphins 


The Eagles have that look — the look of a team that could go all the way to the Super Bowl.  Their offense has a top QB, top Tight End, and top receiver core; the missing piece is a power running back.  The Eagles picked up LeGarrette Blount in offseason, but he hasn’t quite fit the bill; Ajayi gives the Eagles a power-back who can do it all.  Look for Head Coach Doug Peterson — they will be creative with him — and look for the Eagles’ passing game to become even more dynamic with the threat of a power running game.  For Miami, the deal comes off of another poor offensive game for the Dolphins; getting shut out 40-0 by the Baltimore Ravens, Miami will use former Alabama running back Keynon Drake as the replacement for Ajayi.  


Panthers Trade Kelvin Benjamin to Bills


The Buffalo Bills are feeling it; they are 5-2 after embarrassing loss to the Oakland Raiders on Sunday at 34 to 14.  Sean Mcderrmit and company are trying to strike while the iron is hot; the Bills love to run the ball and throw deep.  Kelvin Benjamin gives Tyron Taylor a big body deep threat who can be a target in the red-zone.  It’s a good deal for the Bills, who didn’t give up much to get a guy who could prove to be a dynamic part of the their passing game.  


Russell Wilson has Help


The Texans and left-tackle Duane Brown have not seen eye-to-eye.  The star left-tackle just returned to the team a couple of weeks ago in a contract dispute; relationships became more strained when the owner of the Texans referred to NFL players as ‘inmates’, stating “the inmates can’t run the prison.”  Brown and many of his teammates walked out of the team facility very upset, making an effort to possibly control the situation — or get away from the contract fight with Brown.  The Texas traded him to the the Seattle Seahawks, who are in desperate need of help on the offensive line.  The blind side of Russell Wilson will be in good hands.  After a so-so start, the Seahawks look to be rounded into shape. 


Jimmy Garoppolo is traded to the 49ers as a second rounder.  


Will have more on this deal later in the week.  

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