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Jimmy Garoppolo Traded to 49ers

So you’re the best at your profession; nobody has come anywhere close to

your success. There are only a few people who can say these things — people like

Phil Jackson, John Wooden, Bill Walsh, and of course Bill Belicheck. Belicheck

and the other great coaches are always looking for the next challenge; Coach Belichek had speculated that his next challenge was to win a Super Bowl without Tom Brady. The Pats had all the elements in place to make that happen; they had a high-level back up

in Jimmy Garoppolo.

With Tom Brady — who is 40, but in no way is playing like it — New England could make a run at the title this year and trade Tom Terrific in the offseason. I’m sensing that this might be in the works. Many sources have suggested that Brady put an end to the speculation. The thought here was that Brady went to the owner Bob Kraft and wanted make sure he was finishing his career as a New England Patriot. The Pats then traded the highly regarded backup QB for only a second-round pick. The Garoppolo trade/compensation doesn’t pass the smell test, so it was a case of moving a player to make sure your all-time best player in Brady has no fear of getting moved in the future. Brady has stated that he would like to play until he is 45.

Saints Come Marching In

Drew Brees has been one of the most consistent QB’s in the NFL. The Saints have

been a top-ten offense for a decade, but the issue in New Orleans has long been the defense.

Saying that they were horrible defensively would be putting it kindly; the Saints have won six games straight after a 0-2 start. Their defense has been causing turnovers, and Marcus Lattimore has been great in the secondary. The NFC has four franchise quarterbacks, so it’s impressive to see the Saints marching to a possible division title. The Saints will battle the Buffalo Bills — another surprising team this season.

Jerry Jones for NFL Commish

You have heard of player-coaches, but how about Owner-Commissioner? Jerry Jones can be described as Al Davis with a whole-lotta cash. It’s safe to say that Jones — the Owner of the Dallas Cowboys — gets what he wants, and right now he wants to fire the current commissioner, Roger Goddell.

Jones is upset that his star running-back was suspended for 6 games do to a domestic violence incident that allegedly took place in the off-season; Ezekiel Elliot has not served any games yet. Jones is contesting that he wasn’t charged in the incident and the league has no proof, and also that the alleged victim is not reliable. He presents this case in the midst of all the legal battles of the circuit courts system. Can you really have an owner try to sue the league of a suspended player? Imagine if Jones and other owners were successful in this: a player could do something horrible, but as long as he doesn’t get brought up on charges he will still be able to play. Will average players get the Elliot treatment? Having an owner threaten to remove the commissioner if he doesn’t get his way — what about the owners who don’t have the deep pockets of Jones? Will their bellyaching fall on deaf ears? Whether we like it or not, the NFL is run by a rouge owner who says what wants, does what he wants, and gets what wants. So seeing this play out will be interesting.

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