MLB Winter Meetings

The “Golden State Warriors” of Major League Baseball is growing in the Bronx. That old saying that “the Yankees get everyone” is so true. A week after New York named Aaron Boone as their manager, they were able swing a trade to get Giancarlo Stanton from Derek Jeter and the Florida Marlins.

The trade was uneven — and unfair to say the least — but the Marlins were strapped for cash, and had to move him and Dee Gordon — who was traded to the Mariners. The Marlins are deconstructing one of the most talented rosters in the League, so if your team is looking to improve, give Derek a call — I’m sure he’ll be happy to oblige.

Your 2018 New York Yankees American League; beware!

1. Brett Gardner, LF

2. Didi Gregorius, SS

3. Giancarlo Stanton, DH

4. Aaron Judge, RF

5. Gary Sanchez, C

6. Greg Bird, 1B

7. Aaron Hicks, CF

8. Gleyber Torres, 2B

9. Todd Frazier, 3B or Manny Machodo

San Francisco, we have a problem. Baseball is a power game: power hitting and power pitching. The ’98-losing Giants need help badly; the only good thing about the team-of-the-decade not getting Stanton is that they won’t have to pay that salary. The over one-hundred-million dollars he is owed can go to other areas of need.

The Giants are making runs by gathering Marcel Ozuna of the Marlins and Billy Hamilton of the Reds. The Giants very badly want to platoon Hunter Pence and Denard Span in left; both players look to be on the back nine of their career. Update Cardinals have acquired Marcela Ozuna from the Marlins for 3 prospects. The Giants are talking to the White Sox about Avisail Garcia, Garcia hit 18 homers and had 80 RBI’s last season.

St. Louis is also looking for big bat after Stanton turned them down. The Cards finished a couple of games over .500 and have a nice team, but need to make moves in order to keep pace with the Cubs — or dare I say it: the Brewers in the NL Central. Like San Francisco, they are looking for power names like J.D. Martinez, Marcel Ozuna; these players make sense, but its all about money.

Also, how many years would you want to tie yourself to these players, and would you want a give them a no-trade clause? Some teams might not want to do this because of the way Stanton was able to dictate his terms. Update Cardinals have acquired Marcela Ozuna from the Marlins for 3 prospects.

The Red Sox have a nice young team, but with this comes expectations. You’re expected to make the playoffs in Boston in any sport — especially with payroll like the Sox. Boston is trying to move Centerfielder Jackie Bradley Jr.; the Sox need a big bat and are meeting with J.D. Martinez this week. Boston needs to battle the Yanks, who have Sanchez, Judge and Stanton. Boston is also in a transition, firing John Farrell and hiring the world champion bench coach from the Houston Astros’ Alex Cora.

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