The Worst Trade in Patriots History

January 4, 2018

When the Bully Gets Bullied.


No matter what you hear out of New England, Bill Belichek got bullied… bullied by his quarterback and bullied by their owner. The Pats have another decade of dominance;  all they have to do is keep Jimmy G. on the roster until Tom Brady retires. 


The problem is TB12 looks like he will never retire. Clearly Belichek, who prides himself on the draft, doesn’t want to trade his QB of the future to the 49ers.  But a trade that big — like trading Tom Brady — can’t just be done like you’re trading a third-string corner.  The Pats have two options: carry two QBs with a huge cap number or trade a legend in Tom Brady.  Trading Brady wouldn’t have been crazy, though.  Greats like Montana, Jordan, and Namath have all finished their careers with other teams.  The issue with trading Brady is that the guy is 40 and still playing at a ridiculous level.  The Pats’


decision to Trade Jimmy G. may have a ripple effect throughout the organization.  The prevailing thought is that the Hoodie will find the next Jimmy G. to replace Brady in year 2045.  But if not, will trading a guy — who so-far looks that good — haunt Belichek?  I guess it’s hard to be haunted by a bad trade when you have five Super Bowls and are going for number six in a very weak AFC. 


The Pats will sit back and wait as they prepare for the another playoff run.  While in San Fran, they can’t wait for 2018 to see what Lynch, Shanahan, and Garoppolo will do next.  



The Raiders have made news for all the wrong reasons in 2017; Jack Del Rio was fired right after the Raiders 30-10 loss to the Chargers.  We will have more on the Raiders’ firing and hiring of Head Coach.  Maybe the new coach will be familiar with Spider 2 Y Banana.   

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