Chris Paul a thug ?

January 29, 2018




Welcome to the new league created this week: the Ghetto National Basketball Association. 


So Cliff Paul — or Chris Paul — is living the American Dream: he’s playing basketball for a living; he has great advertising campaign with State Farm Insurance; plays for one of the best teams in the NBA… so what made him turn ghetto?  A bickering match with former teammate Blake Griffin. 


Griffin, along with Trevor Ariza, got into it with each other — which is a common thing in a competitive environment.  I would think that the point guard on the team (one of the faces of the franchise, Chris Paul) would play peacemaker here.  But the president of the Player’s Association CP3 did just the opposite.  Not only did he involve himself in the confrontation after the game was over, but he took if a step further. 


In the Staples Center there is a hallway/tunnel that connects the opposing team’s locker room.  Paul, being a former Clipper, knows this.  So he — along with Trevor Aziza — went through that area to get Blake Griffin; a sneak-attack, if you will.  Someone at Staples Center caught wind of this and had LAPD waiting there outside the secret hallway.  This doesn’t look good at all.  When you have the person who is representing the players in the NBA taking actions like that, maybe its time for him to do what is right: remove himself from that position.  This generation isn’t like Moses Malone, Larry Bird or Dr. J.; these guys would go at it on a NBA floor and fight it out at the drop of a dime.  These modern-day kings of social media stand on the floor behind teammates saying “you’re lucky he’s holding be back.”  Charles Barkley and Shaq had a huge laugh at the expense of this non-fight. 


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