Redskins Making Money Moves

Evidence Needed

In every football season, you need to see evidence — evidence that your team is getting better. The folks in the nation’s capital have been waiting for that for a long time, especially under owner Daniel Synder. He started by just trying to throw money at the problem. We know the long list of bad contracts the Redskins had given out over the years.

Deion Sanders: $55 million — Sanders was 32 years old and on the way out the door before receiving a bad contract from the Skins.

Jeff George: four year, $18.25 million deal — George should’ve been holding a clip board or be given the “Colin Kapernick” treatment.

Adam Archuleta: 6 years, $30 Million — Archuleta, at the time, was the highest-paid safety in the game; this was another misstep by the Redskins owner.

Albert Hayesworth: $41 million —This deal was the biggest mistake made at the level of revenue guaranteed. Hayesworth was talented, but had major red-flags all over his career. So giving him a 7 year, $100 million deal was not the smartest thing for the organization.

He has run through head coaches and front-office personnel at a rapid pace; all this while Jay Gruden seems to be entrenched as the head coach. When the new league-year starts, the ‘Skins will have a new QB trading for the Chiefs: Alex Smith. Smith has a career record of 88-62-1. He has an impressive record in the regular season, but is he really much better than Kirk Cousins? If you look at the stats, Cousins has had similar seasons to Smith. Here is the tale of the tape:


Kirk Cousins: 29

Alex Smith: 33

4000-yard Seasons

Kirk Cousins: 3

Alex Smith: 1

Total TD Passes: last three seasons

Kirk Cousins: 81

Alex Smith: 61

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