Nick of Time

I have protested my love for the sport of baseball many times. So, as Rob Manfred insists on improving the sport, let’s look at things that could really improve the game — not just focusing on the speed of the game.


Okay, the hitters of Major League Baseball I understand: stepping into the batter’s box vs. a 98 mph fastball and then looking for a 84 mph change-up makes it really hard to hit. But the constant stepping in and out of the batter’s box to spit or re-adjust your batting gloves has to stop. You should be able to step once per plate appearance that’s it. Simply put: keep it moving, batters.

On the Mound

Pitchers: I didn’t forget you. A MLB pitcher has to be in control; they could hurt people with that 99 mph heater. But working slow as a pitcher for some of these guys has to change. First of all, fielders love pitchers who work fast. The walking around the mound playing with the rosin bags and walking around: all this time during a game adds up. The NBA is tracking the time their audience watches free throws. These major sports leagues are doing everything to make sure they can hold their audience; baseball needs to do the same.

Communication is Key

Buster Posey was asked about speeding up the game and the mound visits by infielders, catchers, and managers. These trips can slow down the game; even the most excited baseball fans can fall into a coma. Posey wants the league to use some communication device like in the NFL. This would stop the constant visits to the mound and players would be able to communicate freely with the pitcher and catcher. Let’s Airdrop the lineup cards as well: the umps could carry an iPhone Plus or an iPad Mini. I’m sure Apple, Samsung, or Google would

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