Gannon to Carr

Gannon To Carr

The years go by fast. One minute you're watching the Raiders win the AFC title game vs. Jeff Fisher and the Titans, the next year you're seeing the Raiders fall apart in Washington vs a suspect Redskin squad. The Rich Gannon era was great. He was feisty, accurate, hardworking, and a exceptional leader. The guys who came after were none of these things. As a franchise the Raiders have not been great at drafting QB’s. So enter Derek Carr the most polarizing player in the history of the franchise. Carr was a 2nd round pick for the Raiders and fans have see him as a puppy to now being full grown. He has survived Dennis Allen, the late Tony Sparano, Jack Del Rio, and is now with Jon Gruden. Every situation had its ups and down. But through the highs and lows Derek has survived for one reason. The man is talented and talent trumps all. I get that some in raiderville don’t like things about DC, but its hard to just drop him. One, his work ethic is off the charts, two his character, and three his ability to make every throw. Plus, lets face it, if Jon Gruden and his 10 year deal didn’t want DC he simply would have moved on.

The issue with Carr’s Play

Run Forest run.

Derek is an athlete, he just needs to use his legs and learn how to slide. When Derek got hurt in 2016 vs the Colts he was in the pocket. Off schedule plays and throws lead to big plays. They demoralize the defense and energize your offense. Critics of Carr are correct in that this is something he could be better at. At the very least press the line of scrimmage like he did on the game winner to Hunter Renfrow vs Detroit. Yes cold weather games throwing the ball away on 4th down are among others.

Down the field

This is an issue that can be overrated. Derek Carr can throw deep, we have seen him do this. In 2019 once Antonio Brown went awol I give Gruden and Carr credit for picking up the pieces from that debacle. Tyrell Williams, Darren Waller, and Josh Jacobs help Carr carry the load. But injuries to Jacobs shoulders and Williams really hampered the offense down the stretch. But lets get back to throwing deep. Throwing deep takes protection. Check. The raiders have a top Offensive Line. Throwing deep takes arm strength. Check. Carr has a great arm, the haters and stans would have to agree on that. Throwing deep takes a receiver with the ability to separate from corners and safeties. That is where the checks end.

This piece of the puzzle will get fixed in this years draft. Whether its Lamb, Jeudy, or Ruggs the raiders and Jon Gruden will find his final piece to the offensive issues. So in 2020 the Carr fans vs the Carr haters will have the true body of work to debate the future of the Raiders QB. Again, if you trust Gruden and you Trust Mayock, why would you not trust them to make this decision on the QB? But the Raiders are doing the right thing by not just giving him away in a Bill O’Brien type trade or cutting him to build the roster and all things will fall into place. Carr can play so the question is can he win and can he win big in 2020.

My Message to the Nation

Remember the long list of Raider QB’s? Names like Mirer, Collins, Tuiasosopo, Russell, and Walter. Enter the throwing up emoji here looking at those names. While your starting QB can get on your nerves, he can play. The Raiders are building their team the right way. Free Agency was solid for the Silver and Black. They addressed many of their defensive needs and added veteran leadership. Even though Josh Dubow will have plenty of stats, to tell you that the raiders won’t win in 2020. I’m sure Raider twitter will call me a Stan after they read this. I’m saying this while the Front Office has not been perfect, they are clearly a high functioning group that can act quick and decisively. Look at how quickly the Raiders acted in Free Agency. Look at the draft. All the picks weren’t perfect but you can see the plan and see what kind of players they want in the building. Derek Carr is the QB so again lets build the rest of the roster. I think Grudock is ready to rock and with number 4 we need to as well. Derek Carr is the Raider QB until he’s not. Trust is hard when they have been a disappointment so much since 2002. But with a brand new stadium, strong front office and talent filling the roster, the Raiders have never been in a more ready position to make a move not just to Las Vegas but a move to a playoff team.

Next Week we will do our first Mock Draft for the Las Vegas and the rest of AFC West.

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